Manage your tool easily.


Step 1 :


Step 2 :

Tools Category

- It manages tool categories such as electrical, mechanical, farming, gardening etc.

- Based on this the tool will be added.

Step 3 :


- Holds tool info and with advantages and disadvantages.

- A Barcode has been generated for every tool which helps identify the tools.

Step 4 :

Tool Instruction

- It is the manual or guided notes to use the particular tool.

Step 5 :


- The place where the tool has being used, right now and it exhibit the worksite full info.

- There will be an in-charge who is elected by the admin from his/her child uses.

Step 6 :


- Warehouse might be built based on pallets with certain rows and columns.

- If the tool is not in worksite the definitely it is in or under warehouse, Admin can elect a user to manage warehouse, or he/she can manage by him/her self.

Step 7 :


- Maintains of the tool, after certain period which had be added by the admin before.

- It reminders the admin to perform the service of tool based on entered date.

Step 8 :


- It is a part of maintains, but maintains works based on schedule dates, while breakdown stands for instant support for tool in critical condition.

Step 9 :


- Workshop is the area where the tool has been repaired if any issue or maintain based on maintains schedule.

- It also comes to the picture while there may any breakdowns.


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